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1.66 million people.

That’s how many riders completed rides on the current Kansas City Streetcar in less than one year!

It’s been called the “2016 Best Project” in transit, the Mid-America Regional Council declared it the 2016 Sustainable Success Story, and ACEC of Missouri awarded it the Missouri Grand Conceptor Award.

Even better, it’s a turbo boost for our economy. The streetcar has helped jumpstart hundreds of millions of dollars in new development and investment in downtown Kansas City, and, per a survey of downtown businesses in late 2016, 97% of businesses say the Streetcar has had a positive impact and 80% say they have experienced a positive revenue change.

That’s why the time is right to build on this success and expand the Streetcar down Main Street from Union Station to UMKC.

Check out the map. If you live within the boundaries of the proposed TDD, you get to decide whether we expand the streetcar line to bring even more growth and development to more of the city.

If you want to support streetcar expansion, click here to request a ballot.

The streetcar’s success is Kansas City’s success.  By spurring development, creating jobs, and expanding our economy and our tax base, the streetcar benefits the entire city!